Ameba PIGG Japanese Network and Ameba Pico

Ameba PIGG is one of my favourite Japanese social networks?

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

PIGG is part of Ameba (アメーバブログ), a popular Japanese social blogging website, which is a main competitor to Mixi. Although they have also created an English version called Ameba Pico.

Ameba have launched a number of different competing websites/apps to major platforms such as Twitter and created Facebook apps to try engage more users.

Ameba is pretty similar to the old Habbo Hotel which used shockwave and had a similar system, but cost more when I used it many moons ago.

Ameba PIGG and Pico as you can see, are really similar. You can sign up to both without needing a Japanese mobile phone number which already makes it easier to get an account on, compared to Mixi.

As I mentioned above Ameba launched an English version which works with Facebook called Ameba Pico, but you can also sign up with Facebook.

Ameba Pico

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pico

The design has been kept similar, but on Ameba PIGG you can still speak English, although it is a bit harder to find someone to talk to.

The Rooms

The rooms are bare at first on PIGG, but using the scratch card thing in the corner you can win random objects. I for some reason keep winning furniture.

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

Where as on Ameba Pico my room was a little different. You can choose from three room styles and you also are given a mini tutorial with “Chloe”.

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

You can visit many themed rooms and even play games such as fishing. The fishing game is addictive..

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

Fishing Game

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

On Pico I noticed they don’t have as many games, but they still have some entertaining games left.

Pico rooms list

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

On Pico the rooms list is similar to PIGG, with areas such as America, Tokyo-Japan and others. I also noticed some of the areas aren’t even on PIGG.

Doraemon on Ameba?

With the opening of the Fujiko • F • Fujio Museum on Ameba you can find this Doraemon area with the Fujiko • F • Fujio Museum as the main feature.

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

You can get many accessories on PIGG, and I managed to buy this in the Doraemon area for virtual money. So cute..

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

As can be seen below, on PIGG they have themed areas such as this “Shibuya 106″ which is named similar to the famous Shibuya 109 area in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

Shibuya 106 on Ameba Pico

Gouka Seishi, Ameba Pigg

I love both versions of the websites, although as I am more used to Ameba PIGG, I seem to prefer it.

For more information about Ameba, visit the Ameba Wikipedia page.

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