London Weekend 4 – P3

Goukaseishi, London Weekend 4

After visiting The Science Museum I headed back to the Piccadilly area to meet my gf where we headed to this Mexican place above for something to eat.

La Bodega Negra is literally across from The Singin’ in the Rain show. This is only the cafe which we found out afterwards, and it is pretty expensive for what you get.

We left half full and foound Comboco which serves hot and cold food. You can find it on a map here.

Goukaseishi, London Weekend 4

We had some gelato ice cream, which looked so yummy.

Goukaseishi, London Weekend 4

The menu looked pretty cool, with all the flavours.

Goukaseishi, London Weekend 4

The person who served us was pretty generous, as i don’t think he knew what he was doing as afterwards when he made a huge cone ice cream for a customer hehe.

I think I had caramel and chocolate, but all of the ice cream flavours looked nice.

Goukaseishi, London Weekend 4

I noticed in the back the different peanuts and peas.. Wasabi and chilli & lime flavours.

Goukaseishi, London Weekend 4

The ice cream was delicious, but afterwards we walked around Soho before heading back home.

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