Lanka, Cake Shop in London

Goukaseishi, Lanka Cake Shop

Lanka is a cake shop that sells Japanese style cakes/French cakes in Primrose Hill and Finchley Road in London.

The shops are run by gourmet chef Masayuki Hara, originally from Japan and is a specialist in French and modern British cuisine. The cakes have a Japanese twist, with green tea included. The shop at Finchley Road is nicely presented and looks super clean with a minimal style.

Goukaseishi, Lanka Cake Shop

As soon as I walked in I noticed the staff were Japanese, who spoke both Japanese and English in the shop..depending on the customer.

Goukaseishi, Lanka Cake Shop

and then the cakes :D :D:D:D:D:D:D!!

Goukaseishi, Lanka Cake Shop

They looked so delicious and they weren’t too expensive. Some of the items I had no idea what they were, but my gf had seen them in Japan so we ordered two cakes each.

I of course had to buy a macaroon as well :D , which was really nice.

Goukaseishi, Lanka Cake Shop

the cakes..

Goukaseishi, Lanka Cake Shop

Top Left: Lemon Tart, Bottom Left: Green Tea Chocolate Gateau, Top Right: Green Tea Strawberry Cake & Bottom Right: Baked Cheesecake.

All of them tasted nice, but the Strawberry Cake was the best :) .

To find your closest Lanka shop in London and for more information, click here.




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