A Krispy Kreme Japan Christmas vs Krispy Kreme UK

Gouka Seishi, Krispy Kreme Japan

Krispy Kreme Japan creates slightly different donut treats to the one here in the UK, and this year is no exception at Christmas.

I like the way they changed the dozen box name and added “Holiday” :) to the name and the title “Sweet Heart Holidays” to the front page.

Gouka Seishi, Krispy Kreme Japan

The snowman chocolate version looks nicer than the same version here, but the UK donuts look tasty.

Krispy Kreme

This year the Krispy Kreme UK donuts aren’t too bad.

Gouka Seishi, Krispy Kreme Japan

The donut for the snowman is different, but the one in Japan looks nicer.

Gouka Seishi, Krispy Kreme Japan

and then a weird Christmas Tree! The Cristmas Tree would have made a nicer Snowman, but the donuts still look tasty.

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