Hyper Japan Christmas 2012

Gouka Seishi, Hyper Japan 2012

On Sunday the 25th of November I made my way to an event called “Hyper Japan Christmas” at Earl’s Court in London. Hyper Japan Christmas was held over a three day period in London.

Hyper Japan is held at other times in London, but I was given a free ticket to this event, so I thought I would go. Most readers of this site might know already that I’m not a massive fan of anime/manga culture etc, but I am to anything usually. I thought I would check out the event as it is a Japanese culture, plus I had seen pictures before by friends on Twitter who had visited before.


When I walked in, I liked this display to the right showing the hisory of Ukiyo-E which are woodblock prints.


I really liked these below, Gundam and of course the Samurai poster to the right?


Walking around the event, I saw cute shops and items like these decorated macaroons *not edible*.


and right next to the decorated macaroons, they had “real” macaroons which are edible. I of course had a few of them :D .


Ramune! Ramune (ラムネ) is a type of lemonade from Japan that uses a weird ball in the top of the bottle of make the drink fizz? i’ve only tried one flavour, bu these looked so nice.




So many flavours of Pretz!

Kit Kats


They had so many packs of Japanese Kit Kats…but for £17? Seriously? £17!!

I saw this cute Pocky bag.


at a small shop with this “Kawaii Stuff” sign.


which is called Tofu Cute.


I loved the cute Tofu character….kawaii!!!


random gifts, such as these purses?



The event also had many games and DVD’s for sale..including these SNES games. Earth Worm Jim! A classic.

Anime figures..


Dragon Ball Z – Goku, I think?


The event also had a sake tasting area, for £10 you could try many different sakes from around Japan. I didn’t try this, but a friend of mine said he highly enjoyed it.

Around Hyper Japan, many people dressed up as well.


and Nintendo had an area for the Wii-U.


This was one of my favourite signs for the Japanese ice they had available..


featuring the cute Totoro :D . Have a nice ice day ;) !

More cute characters..


the event was prety mixed with people fitting many age groups.


and people dressed up as Sumo characters..


The event was pretty good :) , and it had many food stalls as well featuring Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, Takoyaki etc.

A quick warning to some people though…if you do go to a future event, take plenty of money.

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  • Ged_in_London

    Nice write-up Keith! I really enjoyed Hyper Japan too but agree with you, some things were way over priced but other than that I thought it was great!