A summary of the best articles from Gouka Seishi 2012

A summary of the best articles from Gouka Seishi 2012, featuring three visits to other countries in Europe and advice on visiting England, London and of course many posts about Japan.

Goukaseishi, A recap of 2012 Posts

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Japanese Sweets & Snacks 5

A selection of Japanese sweets & snacks I brought back with me from London.

Arrietty Released

Arrietty by Studio Ghibli was released on DVD in the UK.

Japanese New Years Cards

As it was the year of the water dragon, I received many cards from Japan for 2012.

Daruma Market

A post about the famous Daruma Doll and about a festival which is held each year around the Daruma in certain places.

Remix Your City

A great piece featuring HIFANA, a Japanese beats creating group, creating beats while featuring their app in Tokyo.

Happy Chinese Year of the Dragon

The year of the Dragon in pictures.

Japanese Masks

Why do Japanese people wear masks in Japan?


Japan Airlines (JAL) Logo

Information about the history and creation of this famous brand.

Sapporo Snow Festival

Pictures from the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Happy Valentines Day

How Japan celebrated Valentines Day in 2012.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Video)

A great trailer about Jiro, a Michelin star sushi chef in Japan.

One Week in Japan (Video)

An awesome video about Mike Matas’s journey though Japan with his girlfriend.

Coca-Colas Global Ad for the London Olympics

The global ad for the “Move To The Beat” campaign.


Peach Aviation

Japan’s first low cost carrier launches.

3/11, One Year On

One year since the disaster in Japan, pictures and information of Japan had started to recover.

Happy White Day

White Day in Japan 2012.

Words as an image (Video)

Great video using type to show image.

Japanese Sweets, from Okinawa and Tokyo

Sweets and gifts I received from friends in Okinawa and Tokyo.


DJ Mikas – Timelapse (Video)

A great time-lapse video filmed around Tokyo with views of Tokyo Tower and Shibuya.

Easter Commercials 2012

Easter adverts in the Uk, including Krave and the Lindt Bunny.

Easter Eggs, Sweets and Gifts

Easter gifts from supermarkets in the UK.

Easter in Japan

Featuring adverts by 31 Ice and Mister Donut.

Kirin Suttocha (Video)

Funny Japanese CM that tries to sell a drink.

Softbank Wi-Fi CM (Video)

A funny advert with the Softbank dog featured in some hilarious masks.

Coca-Cola Light by Jean Paul Gaultier (Video)

Specially designed bottles/cans by Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke.

Hologram Performances, Coachella and Tokyo (Videos)

Featuring information using holographic technology to show 2Pac and a Japanese anime music artist.

Japanese Inspired TV Adverts on UK TV (Videos)

Adverts inspired by Japan, on TV here in the UK.

Turntable Rider (Video)

A project by Cogoo to turn a BMX into an instrument.

Typogami (Video)

Interesting type video for a typeface that can be used in After Effects.


Perfume – Natural Beauty Basic (Video)

Great video featuring Perfume, the Japanese J-Pop Group.

Cute Nose Commercial (Video)

A cute Japanese nose commercial.

David Beckham adverts in Japan (Videos)

Funny adverts featuring David Beckham in Japan.

Pocky Adverts (Videos)

A selection of Pocky adverts.

The Tokyo Sky Tree Opens

The Sky Tree finally opened in Tokyo.


Kara – Step (Video)

Video from the really cute/pretty K-Pop Singers.

Jubilee Themed Products

The Queen’s Jubilee made the country crazy with themed products.

Pepsi Max Crowd Surfing

An advert just before Euro 2012, featuring famous football players.

Jubilee Adverts

A selection of adverts for The Queen’s Jubilee.

Diamond Jubilee Viral and TV Adverts (Videos)

Adverts featuring cute Corgi dogs and more.

Oceana – Endless Summer (Video)

The official video for the Euro’s 2012.

My Time is Now – Nike (Video)

The campaign by Nike, featuring some of the world’s best football players.

Coca-Cola Euro 2012 Adverts (Videos)

Videos by Coca-Cola for Euro 2012.

Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg (Video)

An awesome museum in Hamburg.


German Supermarket

A brief glimpse into what is stocked in a German Supermarket.

Adventures of the Cornetto Enigma Bear (Videos)

Bear TV Adverts in the UK.

Diary of a city break in Hamburg, Germany

A short diary of my trip to Hamburg.

Europes Tallest Building Opens

The Shard officially opened in London.

2012 Olympic Products

Various products I found around the UK for the games in London.

A visitors guide to places to eat and visit in London

To help tourists I created a map featuring places to eat in London.

Useful phrases to say when visiting England

A useful resource for tourists visiting England.

Move to the beat with Coca-Cola (Video)

The advert for the Coca-Cola Torch Relay.

The Shard, Light Over London

A light show over London from The Shard.

Gouka’s Weekends in London

A list of my blogs about visits I had to London.

British Airways, Home Advantage (Video)

Home Advantage campaign by British Airways.

British Airways, Take a plane down your street

Great use of Google to create this.

Usain Bolt Olympic Adverts (Videos)

Adverts featuring “The Worlds Fastest Man”.

Adidas Take The Stage (Video)

An effective Olympic based advert.

British Airways – The Race (Video)

An interesting advert, using the baggage area to show competition.

Gold Coca-Cola Bottle

A limited edition bottle was released for the Olympics.


AirAsia Japan

AirAsia Japan launched with domestic flights from Narita Airport.

Waddington Airshow

Pictures from the Waddington Airshow, featuring F16′s and other aircraft.

Brick by Brick, awesome Olympic series (Videos)

An awesome series of videos by Lego showing scenes from the Olympics.

Build Up Japan

1.8 million Lego blocks to create a futuristic Japan

Tokyo Slo-Mode (Video)

Using slow motion clips around Tokyo to create a great video

PSY – Gangnam Style (Video)

The amusing video by Park Jae Sang.


Controversial Toyota advert (Videos)

A controversial advert for the Toyota 2012 Auris, featuring a male model.

Billionaire Boys Club Tokyo Store Opens

The opening of the store in Tokyo.

Doraemon’s Birthday 2012

The robotic cat from the future, celebrated another birthday.

Lost in Tokyo

Famous locations in Tokyo, using a mix of time-lapse films

A Trip to Barcelona

A diary of my trip to Barcelona.

Awesome Motion Graphics Performance

An awesome motion graphics performance in Japan, featuring J-Pop group Perfume.


Travel around Japan with Hello Kitty

An interesting app that uses Hello Kitty to help to promote Japan, and travel around Japan.

Shippo Brain Controlled Tail (Video)

A concept by Neurowear about a fashion accessory that moves.

PSY (ft.HYUNA) (Video)

Great video featuring PSY and the beautiful South Korean singer Hyuna.

Bring Out the 007 in You

An awesome challenge/interactive campaign by Coke Zero.

Baskin Robbins (31 Ice) Halloween

Halloween never looked so cute/scary at 31ice in Japan.

Sadako 3D in Japan

Advertising for Sadako 3D in Japan

A Disney Halloween

A Tokyo Disney Halloween


A day in Paris

A really short diary of my trip to Paris

Coca-Cola Christmas is here?

Yes, that’s right..the Christmas Coca-Cola advert featuring the trucks arrived early on UK TV screens.

Shishi-Odori at The Thames Festival 2012

The Shishi-Odori (Deer Dance) is a Japanese folk art dance, that was performed at The Thames Festival 2012.

Yayoi Kusama @ Selfridges & Co

Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama teamed up to create a collection of garments that featured at Selfridges&Co in London.

Love Everybody, Security Camera Viral

A great viral video showing what CCTV cameras have caught around the world.

Japan Matsuri in London

The Japan Matsuri in London that happened in London this year.

Pepsi’s Fat-Blocking Soda (Video)

Pepsi launched a fat-blocking soda in Japan?

Lego Todaiji, with a Daibutsu inside

A Japanese Lego Master created this masterpiece.


Coca-Cola Christmas Japan CM

A nice Christmas commercial in Japan from Coca-Cola

Krispy Kreme Japan Vs Krispy Kreme UK (Christmas)

Different treats, from different Krispy Kreme’s.

How to get a Japan Working Holiday Visa

A description on how to get this visa.

Coca-Cola Japan Christmas

A truck that goes around with a photo booth?

Mister Donut Japan Christmas

Peanuts inspired cute boxes, featuring Snoopy and characters.

A KFC Christmas 2012

Christmas in Japan, KFC style.

Mos Burgers Christmas

Christmas in Japan from Mos Burger, Merry Xmos!

Disney Christmas Japan

A beautiful Tokyo Disney Christmas.

Illuminations in Japan 2012

Beautiful lights around Japan for the Christmas period.

London Christmas Illuminations

Some nice illuminations and decoration in London.

AKB48, Seven Eleven Japan Christmas Advert (Video)

Another Christmas featuring AKB48 in a commercial by Seven Eleven Japan.

Happy Seven Eleven / AKB48 Christmas

More from AKB48 and Seven Eleven this Christmas.

Thank you for reading my blog/this website in 2012, I hope you will enjoy Goukaseishi in 2013!

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