Charing Cross, All You Need Is Kill Closes Trafalgar Square & The National Gallery


In November I randomly got off at Charing Cross station as I wanted to visit The National Gallery (while I still had chance)

I noticed this tiger mural again, which I really love with it’s oriental style.


I made my way to the exit of Charing Cross station, but found the area around Trafalgar Square closed off?!? I had no idea why, and all I could hear was a helicopter and a lot of people in army gear walking around Trafalgar Square. I thought something bad was happening, until I looked closer at the uniform. The uniform didn’t look like what the British forces wear at all.

Goukaseishi, All You Need Is Kill

I noticed this guy on the roof of The National Gallery, which I though it first was a sniper…but then I learned..


that it was a film, called All You Need Is Kill that is due for release in 2014. All You Need Is Kill will feature Tom Cruise as the main actor, and it is based on a Japanese novel of the same name. For more information about All You Need Is Kill, view the All You Need Is Kill Wikipedia page.


For the film they had managed to close off Trafalgar Square for the whole day. I was surprised that it was possible to do, and the helicopter took off before I took this picture below. I learned later on  that the helicopter they used to transport him around as well.


As you can see Trafalgar Square was full of actors, people and army vehicles.


A helicopter filming scenes from above.


Landrover army vehicles..


Army trucks..


and some of the trucks close up with UDF markings?


When walking to Covent Garden later on in the day, I noticed the helicopter which they used for the scenes..which is a Puma?


I look forward to seeing this film eventually, as it will be great to see how different it looks to the Trafalgar I saw with all the effects the motion graphics people will try add to it.

Eventually I managed to see inside The National Gallery.


The gallery is currently free to enter, and it was many different paintings to see and a nice restaurant. I recommend checking it out if you are nearby in London.

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