GD86 Design Studio (GD86 グラフィックデザイン)


GD86 (GD八六) is my own creative studio. As well as running this blog, I also run GD86 Creative Design where I work on a mixture of design projects.


My portfolio features work I did at University, as well as work I have done for clients. Below are examples of my work, so please click on the pictures to view more.


Above is a pack that I sent to Japan to try promote my work, and below is my wooden business card.

Wooden Business Card


The business cards were etched using a laser. I also used the logo I created on the front which also has two Kanji characters (八六), which mean “86″ in Japanese.

Below are some of the promotional posters I created.


Layout 1

I created a cute poster to show the mythical Japanese Yokai (monsters), that included a Tengu(天狗), Kappa(河童) and other Yokai.

Daruma (達磨)

GD86, Creative Design

A poster based on the lucky Daruma Dolls.

Tokyo Map

Layout 1

I took inspiration from the Tokyo rail network for this poster. I only used a small section for it, but it turned out well.

To view more of my work, visit GD86 now.

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