3/11 Remembered, 2 Year Anniversary

Two years ago today, an earthquake rattled Japan at 14:46 off the coast of Sendai.

What followed was a terrifying tsunami that killed nearly 16,000 people.

Today people in some places respected the dead by holding a sort of minutes silence, which people I follow on Twitter saw. I also noticed so many people wishing Japan luck from other countries, as well as in Japan, by using the hashtag #PRAYFORJAPAN.

I also read that the quake was that powerful, that it as ‘heard at the edge of space’. In this article on the BBC “Japan quake ‘heard at edge of space‘ by Jonathan Amos, it mention’s that “Scientists say the Magnitude 9.0 tremor on 11 March 2011 sent a ripple of sound through the atmosphere that was picked up by the Goce satellite“.

As I currently live in Japan, I haven’t felt an earthquake of a magnitude of the one that hit Sendai back in 2011, but I don’t want to either.

A striking image below of the devastation in 2011 of Kensunnuma City and how it had changed in one year.

Japan area after Earthquake

I wish Japan the best in the recovery process, even though little has changed in the I have read..

But I hope to visit sometime, and to pay my respect to all those that were lost.

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