Japan Red launches today! 3.16 Debut

Goukaseishi, Japan Red Shinkansen

A new Shinkansen (bullet train) will launch today from Akita called Japan Red.

I kept seeing the advert on the trains around here and it looks really cool.


I still love the Shinkansen in Japan as it’s so different and futuristic compared to the trains back home, as I’m not usually a fan of trains :) .

The service will run from Akita to Tokyo, and it will go through Morioka, Sendai and Omiya, among other places.


When I have seen adverts they have also included the Namahage, which is one of my favourite stories/myths from Northern Japan. (Click here for information on Namahage).


The maximum cost I think will be 17,310円 (£120.24) for a one way ticket from Akita to Tokyo.

I hope to use this train one day to Akita :) !

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