Club ageHa and Capsule, Tokyo

Gouka Seishi, Club ageHa and Capsule

On Friday the 8th of March I went to Club ageHa in Tokyo with some friends, which was really cool.

The club is pretty far out, in Shi-Kiba as you have to catch the JR Keiyō Line along Tokyo Bay towards Disney (which provides the main rail access as well).

I never knew how far it the rail line was from the main area in Tokyo station. You have to walk for ages to the terminal and go underground (about 10 – 15 minutes walk).

From the station it takes about 5 minutes to Club ageHa, which is also known as Studio Coast.

I never realised how big the venue was, as outside it looked quiet (but they hide the queue). I paid 2,500円 to get in, 1,000円 cheaper than normal, but before this I went through a bag check and then put my stuff in the lockers which cost 300円.

Once into the club, I went for something to eat..and the food doesn’t look too bad compared to the clubs in the UK! You can of course get kebab meat..but it looks clean?!? The only bad part was the cost of the beer/alcoholic drinks…as they are 700円 each!

The club is split into about four areas, but I loved this area called WATER, that included an outside dancing area with pool. I thought the pool was covered over, until a poor girl fell into the water (which must have been freezing!).


Inside the club was soo busy, but the music was so good. I saw one artist that sort of did a rap thing, but I couldn’t understand a word they said..about from “yoroshi onegaishimasu” and “JUMP”.

I then watched Absonite? I think or some Djs..





Before Capsule came on, the group who have produced backing tracks? for Perfume and Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu…

The crowd went crazy for them, and I liked the harder tracks they played. The girl from Capsule was singing some tracks, who is so pretty and cute. The group consists of the producer Yasutaka Nakata and the super hot/pretty/cute vocalist Toshiko Koshijima.

I definitely recommend checking out Capsule, as the set isn’t all J-pop/J-electronic?.

Afterwards the main club became so quiet and then we left around 4:3oam.

I recommend going to Club ageHa as many foreigners go as well, but it is also an amazing club…but I also recommend taking a lot of money! As the drinks are expensive, but pretty normal for Tokyo prices.

For more information, visit the Club ageHa website (mainly Japanese).

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  • Ged_in_London

    Sounds like it was a great night Keith! :-)