Pepsi in Japan

Pepsi in Japan comes in many weird sizes and flavours, which is why I thought I would write about Pepsi.

When I lived back in Odawara, I was unable to find any at first as Pepsi are trying to push their product called “Pepsi Nex”.

I then found these cans in some vending machines, which are twice the size of cans back home!
Goukaseishi, Pepsi in Japan

The cans cost between 100円 – 120円.

Goukaseishi, Pepsi in Japan

and then in a 100円 shop I found a bottle.

Goukaseishi, Pepsi in Japan

The taste is different to Pepsi in the UK, which is my favourite fizzy drink (soda), but it tastes okay.

Pepsi Nex

I tried Pepsi Nex as well, which I imagined tasting like Pepsi Max.

Goukaseishi, Pepsi in Japan

and I was wrong..it just has a weird taste?

Pepsi Ex

Pepsi with extra caffeine..

Goukaseishi, Pepsi in Japan

Which proper boosted my energy, but the taste wasn’t anything special.

You can also buy huge bottles of Pepsi (only 1.5L), but I only found this in the Seiyu supermarket. I also found Pepsi Twist (lemon Pepsi), but I haven’t tried this one.

As well as these flavours, they also have the “fat-blocking Pepsi” which tastes awful, so I’m not surprised it can make people loose weight ;) .

Pepsi is by far my favourite of the fizzy drinks in Japan, but it is dangerous as so many vending machines on my way home in Tokyo stock it.

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