Children’s Day in Japan (Kodomo no Hi)

Childrens Day, Koi

With Golden Week coming to an end in Japan, today is one of the special day’s in Japan called Children’s Day (also known as Boy’s Day).

Children’s Day (こどもの日) takes place each year on the 5th of May, and it is also known as Boy’s Day (端午の節句).

For many weeks I have seen the beautiful Koi banners like these above blowing in the wind. Before the day the koi-carp (koinobori) are raised, with each Koi having it’s own meaning.

The carp is used to show strength, as in Chinese legend, a Koi swims upstream to become a dragon.

The black carp is called “Magoi” and it is placed at the top to represent the father, then this is followed by the red carp “Higoi” which is the mother, and finally the last carp that can range in colours.

Similar to Girls Day, dolls are displayed (Kintaro Dolls (a famous Samurai), and a Samurai helmet to show strength and health.

I love the Koi carp :) , and I hope everyone had a nice Golden Week.

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  • Arubi

    can you tell me why children’s day is part of japanese culture?